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Color Correction and Post
Production for the Pro Photographer

By Advertising Fraternity’s Fine Art Professionals

PixPert Studio is an online outsourcing organization, which provide Photoshop clipping path service, image masking, Image Retouching, shadow creation, ghost mannequin removal service and also all kinds of professional image graphics editing services with handmade best quality at reasonable price

Our extensive research on each category gives a strong reason to every photographer to choose PixPert. PixPert is a company of Fine Art Professionals based out of Delhi the capital of India.

Recent work

See what we are doing for some of the great photographers and studios

The Expert’s Offerings

Not just edit pictures we give them the best treatment Prosfessionals

Digital Post Prodution

We provide a full range of post production services, including resizing and retouching, colour correction, and background removal.

Image Manipulation

We can manipulate, create, and combine different images to create composites that match even the most advanced visual storytelling requirements.

Fast Turnaround

We can handle tight shooting and production deadlines on short notice so our clients don't have to miss out on sudden opportunities.

Digital File Transfer

We can deliver all PSD and JPG files instantly anywhere in the world via Dropbox, Google Drive, and most other cloud services.


Golden words by some of our esteemed clients

"Working with pixpert is really a big support in growing my business, I am very much impressed by professional, qualified, experienced & creative staff"

"E-commerce is the smart commerce for smart generation who are always ative over smart technology. Thats why I choose Pixpert over others"

"Great Quality.. Superb Photographs.. superb editing.. great team."

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